Our Tanning Salon

Our tanning salon has officially been open for 4+ years now. We believe our family owned business has grown because of our attention to detail, customer service, and unique spray tan solution. If you’re looking to get an organic spray tan, you can trust our tanning salon for great results.

Meet Abby

In 2014, Abby graduated from Penrose Academy in esthetics and NALA Institute becoming a laser technician. Shortly after graduating, she moved to New York to gain work experience. That’s when Abby fell in love with spray tanning. She worked for one of the most highly regarded spray tan companies in NYC and mastered her craft for 2 years. This company happened to manufacture their own spray tanning solution and Abby wanted to bring it to Arizona by starting her own tanning salon.

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Family Owned Tanning Salon

Abby approached her older brother Ryan who happened to be her best friend. Ryan saw the same opportunity and vision as Abby and they decided why not. It’s safe to say we are happy we opened our tanning salon. But most importantly we set three goals to accomplish: provide the best solution, provide exceptional customer service, and build everlasting relationships with our clients.

Z Bods has a product I have never even heard of & I’m absolutely hooked. This tan I have right now looks absolutely so natural, not splotchy… literally I have never been so impressed by a spray tan in my life.

Claire – Yelp Review

Common Questions About Our Tanning Salon

What type of tanning experience should I expect?

You should expect to receive a great spray tan experience at our tanning salon. We will make sure you know how to prepare for your tanning appointment and what you should do afterwards to maximize results. We ensure that each spray tan is safe and relaxing in our clean and beautiful environment.

Who will spray me at your tanning salon?

A female will spray you. Each spray tan technician is certified and has over 4+ years of experience. All spray tan technicians can either spray in store or at your home.

Why trust Brazil Bronze solution?

Brazil Bronze solution is one of the safest and most natural looking solutions on the market. We personally feel it’s fun to try something new, and over the past two years clients love it. We get amazing feedback about this spray tan solution even though we’re in the desert sun.

Why spray tan compared to sunbed tanning?

Spray tans are best if you want to protect your skin. Sunless tanning has proven to be a viable option for long-term skin quality and health. Sun bed tanning is not natural and will cause long-term skin problems which can be avoided. Living in Arizona you should trust a spray tanning salon like Z Bods.

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