Frequently Asked Spray Tan Questions

Conveniently below you’ll find general spray tan questions, before and after tips, DHA information and about our mobile spray tanning service.

How long does a spray tan last?

Spray tans normally last 7-10 days. Variable factors such as color of shade, quality of DHA, activity level and moisturizing can effect spray tans longevity.

How much does a spray tan cost?

The average cost of a spray tan ranges from $30-$45 depending on the solution and add-ons. Tanning salons charge extra for additional coats, special formulas, contouring and competition tans.

What does spray tan development mean?

Spray tan development is a set amount of hours for a spray tan to develop on your body before showering. For example, if a solution recommends 8-12 hours then it is best to shower anytime after 8 hours of the time you received your spray tan.

How do spray tans work?

Spray tans work by applying a thin layer of formulated solution that contains a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) along with other ingredients. By applying to your skin, spray tanning helps achieve a natural bronze color while eliminating health risks such as tanning beds or UV rays.

Will I look orange after a spray tan?

The reason why people look orange after a spray tan or applying a self tanner is because too much DHA was applied. The DHA solution was either too concentrated or was too much for that one’s skin. We recommend choosing a tanning salon is familiar with DHA concentration and the ability to customize blends.

Preparation, During and After

What to do before a spray tan?

You should shave and exfoliate before your spray tan. Exfoliating removes dead, dry skin allowing for spray tan formulas to absorb into clean, new skin. In addition do not apply any lotion before your tan because oily skin prevents maximum development.

What to do after a spray tan?

Allow for the tan to develop by staying away from water, activity and sweating. Minimize shower times, scrubbing your body with a towel and hot water. Apply a lot of lotion since a happy healthy tan begins with moisturizing.

What to wear to a spray tan?

Wearing dark loose clothing to your spray tan appointment is best. This allows for the tan to breath and prevents streaks from forming.

What to wear when getting a spray tan?

Depending on your comfortability, you can wear undergarments, a bathing suite, or go nude. Tanning salons normally offer disposable underwear, ear plugs, and hair nets as well.

How to keep a spray tan longer?

Moisturizing and limiting activity helps preserve spray tans. Also limiting hot shower times, sweating and pool activity will help. But applying lotion is most important!

What lotion to use after spray tan?

Lotions that are non-oily and have no fragrances are best to use after a spray tan. Aveeno is a great moisturizer and low cost lotion that we recommend.


What is DHA?

DHA is the most effective sunless tanning product in the market. DHA is a colorless chemical that is derived from glycerin and interacts with skin cells to produce a short-term bronze color change.

Mobile Tanning

How does mobile spray tanning work?

Mobile spray tanning works by having a professional spray tan artist come to your desired location and spray you on site. Typically the spray tan professional will spray you in a portable tent or in a shower.

How much is a mobile spray tan?

Mobile spray tans cost $65 depending on your location. Factors such as distance and time of day may increase the price.

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