Our Spray Tan Solution

We chose Brazil Bronze spray tan solution for many reasons. Learn more on why it stands out among other spray tan solutions and why it’s known as “The Perfect Tan.”

Here at Z Bods, we chose Brazil Bronze spray tan solution to use for our tans. The solution is an amazing product and is based out of New York. We chose Brazil Bronze because Abby has never worked with a better organic solution and we wanted to bring a different solution to the Arizona market. Over the course of 2+ years, our customers have raved about how natural the tan looks and other media outlets such as the Vogue Magazine goes as far as calling it “The Perfect Tan.”

Spray Tan Solution Ingredients

The ingredients that go into spray tan solution is very important. You never want to choose a solution that will effect you long-term. Our spray tanning solution uses the highest quality ingredients and is made with the highest quality DHA.

This proprietary solution also happens to be eco-certified and is infused with organic and all natural ingredients. Brazil Bronze also kept the following in mind:

  1. Organic and all natural ingredients
  2. Free of parabens and nuts
  3. Cruelty free
  4. Vegan
  5. No trace of phthalates and sulphates

Spray Tan Solutions To Choose From

Z Bods tanning salon offers three types of solutions to choose from: lightmedium and dark. Each spray tan is customizable. We just launched a new anti-aging spray tan! We don’t require you to choose your spray tan solution before your appointment. Z Bods staff will help you through that process.

Keep in mind that solutions require different amounts of time to develop. So factoring in development time is important. For example: if a solution takes 8-12 hours to develop and you need to shower in 6 hours, it may be best to go with a rapid solution.

spray tan solution
Light, medium and dark solution

No Orange, No Streaks And No Smell

Brazil Bronze spray tan solution has been in the market for over 15 years. They’re known to be one of the cinderella stories for tanning salons. Brazil Bronze tanning solutions are odor-free and give a natural looking glow with no orange undertones! This airbrush tanning solution has been tested on thousands of people and it’s never been better. The formula is said to be nearly perfect.

Certified spray tan technicians should prevent streaks from forming. You should educate yourself on after spray tan tips. The main take a way is to go to a tanning salon that provides spray tans with no orange, no streaks and no smell.

Tanning Salon Reviews

We also appreciate our customers feedback and want to share a few spray tan reviews we’ve received at our tanning salon. We believe this reflects the tanning solution and our service.

“If you want a very natural, golden spray tan from a professional, Abby is your girl. I lived in LA for a couple of years, and her technique and solution rivals some of the best I ever found in LA.

Her application technique is spot on too (you don’t need to coach her about not spraying hands and face with too much solution) and the solution isn’t sticky and it doesn’t smell. I honestly could barely tell I had it on, even before I showered. It even wore off evenly – so I didn’t look splotchy as it was wearing off.

I couldn’t have had a better experience. Abby took me on time, was very professional yet super talkative and fun, my tan looked very natural and she recommended the perfect shade for my event. I’m so happy I found her!” – Natalie B

Spray Tan Solution Recap

Brazil Bronze is a great spray tan solution. If you’re looking for an odor-free and with no orange undertone, Brazil Bronze is the right choice. Choices include light, medium and dark airbrush spray tans. All solutions have the high quality ingredients. You can easily book online or call our tanning salon for a free spray tan consultation.

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