Spray Tan Tips: Before, During & After

Learn more on how to prepare for a spray tan and maximize results. The last tip is something everyone should know, including you!

before, during & after spray tan

Do you want to know the best spray tan tips before getting a tan? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your spray tan, what to expect during your appointment and how to maintain your spray tans performance.

Preparation Before Spray Tan

Preparation is the first step in maximizing your spray tan results. We recommend three important preparation tips to achieve your spray tan goal:

  1. You need to shave or wax before your spray tan appointment. As you can imagine, shaving after your spray tan can remove the solution and cause your tan to fade faster.
  2. Exfoliate your body with an in depth scrub. Tanning salons will suggest using an exfoliating product, but this isn’t necessary as long as you remove dead skin and dry patches.
  3. Stay away from moisturizers the day of your spray tan. Oily skin can cause a barrier between your skin and the product thus causing streaks and unevenness.

What To Wear To A Spray Tan

We recommend wearing looser clothing to your spray tan appointment. We also suggest wearing black clothes. Flip flops, sweats and baggy shirts are the most common clothing attire worn to a spray tan. Luckily our spray tanning solution doesn’t rub off on clothes as much as other tanning salons. You can always ask what solution your nearby tanning salon uses.

During Your Spray Tan

Everyone is different and that is totally fine. Any credible spray tanning salon should make you feel comfortable during this process. Here’s two during spray tan tips to expect:

  1. Once you’ve received your consultation and decided on the right solution, undress to your level of comfort. It’s totally fine if you don’t feel comfortable spray tanning nude. Instead wear a bathing suite or undergarment that you don’t mind getting solution on.  
  2. Professional spray tan technicians will instruct you on what to do such as body rotations, arm placement and efficient angles.
spray tan tips
Arm placement example while being sprayed

After Spray Tan Tips

How to properly maintain a spray tan is the most important step in this process. But first let’s discuss immediately after your spray tan session.

Stay Away From The Following

  1. Prevent yourself from crossing your legs or rubbing your skin together. This is the number one reason on why spray tans form streaks.
  2. Be mindful of your seat belt smearing your chest when driving home.
  3. Stay away from any activities that may cause you to sweat during the development stage.
  4. Stay away from any contact with water.

How To Make Your Tan Last

  1. Moisturize daily with a hydrating PH balanced formula will help your spray tan last longer. We suggest putting on moisturizer in the morning and evening. We also recommend staying clear of any scrubbing, masks, strips, microdermabrasion sessions, and any products containing alcohol, salicylic acid or lactic acids.
  2. Avoid body washes like pedicures, manicures, bathes and even hot water. Also showers should be limited on time and not too hot.
  3. Avoid exfoliants, hard soaps and oils.  These ingredients can shorten the life of your tan.
  4. Pat yourself dry! Do not scrub your body with a towel after you shower.

Summary Of Spray Tan Tips

All spray tan tips for before, during and after are extremely important for preparing for your spray tan session. If you’re a first time tanner, do not be intimidated. Find a professional and reputable tanning salon near you and trust them to provide a great service.

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