What Is Spray Tan Development?

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If you’re new to spray tanning, you’re probably coming across the concept of spray tan development. But what does spray tan development actually mean? It’s actually quite simple.

Spray tan development is a set amount of hours for a spray tan to develop on your body before showering. For example, if a solution recommends 8-12 hours then it is best to shower anytime after 8 hours of the time you received your spray tan.

Think of it as a piece of art. You painted a beautiful portrait and it needs time to dry in order for the colors and paint to set. Now in regards to spray tanning, you get sprayed and while the tan is “developing” into a beautiful bronze color, the actual spray needs time to set on your skin.

What Not To Do While Your Spray Tan Is Developing

Even though preparation for a spray tan is extremely important, what not to do during the spray tan development phase can ultimately make or break your spray tan. Here’s a list of reminders on what not to do:

  1. Don’t let your seatbelt rub across your chest
  2. Don’t cross your legs
  3. Prevent sweating
  4. Limit activity that may cause your body to rub against an object or sweat such as working out
  5. Washing your hands too long (be mindful)
  6. Sitting down for too long and having your stomach create lines
  7. Washing off too early

This might sound like a lot especially if you’re a first time tanner, but these are the right precautionary steps to take. As long as you’re aware and mindful that the spray tan development phase is important, your tan will more than likely turn out just fine.

spray tan development
Finished product of letting your spray tan develop

First Shower After Spray Tan Tips

We recommend your first shower to be less than two minutes and being lukewarm temperature. We also suggest to not apply any soap or form of scrubbing. You can expect a lot of solution to come off during the shower and this is normal. The DHA has done it’s job and your body should now have a natural bronze glow.

Extra Tip: PAT YOUR BODY DRY! Scrubbing your body with a towel after your shower is a common mistake most tanners make. We highly recommend patting your body dry not even for your first shower, but all showers to help preserve your spray tan even longer.

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