Retinol Collagen Creme

Reveal tighter, brighter skin with our Retinol Collagen Revive Cream with pure hemp oil! Retinol, an active ingredient in this product, is formulated to help boost your skin’s radiance and skin tone. Our cream blended with pure hemp oil is the perfect recipe for brightening the skin while reducing the pore size and appearance of UV damage.



Water, lanolin alcohol, isolated hemp extract, hyaluronic acid, versene, NA2 hydrolyzed collagen, propylene glycol, 2-octyl dodecanol, glyceryl stearate, sorbitan stearate 60, polysorbate 60, triethanolamine phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, allantoin, 2 & 3 tertiary butyl 4 hydroxyanisole. 


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